How to Shred More in Less Time

The right shredding container can ensure that more materials are shredded in less time. This means more revenue can be earned with less money spent on operational costs. Collection consoles should feature state-of-the-art designs, be easy to open, simple to collect and safe to use. This will ensure that a company’s money is spent and earned effectively. This article will outline how to get the greatest return on equipment investments so a company can shred more in less time.

A container should be designed with the latest in collection efficiencies. For example, shredding consoles which are lightweight can be transported with greater ease and in less time. Also, containers which are equipped with durable grip handles ensure that the materials can be dumped into larger containers or wheeled to a mobile shredding truck more effectively. This enables the shredding service provider to take less time with each individual customer. Hence, a more comprehensive shredding service can be provided with less time spent with more customers.

The easier the container can be opened the faster the materials can be shredded. Consoles with locks that open on a quarter turn and return to a secure position automatically eliminate the time lost using traditional mechanisms. This time will add up gradually with more and more financial gains overtime. Also, all containers should be locked uniformly. Having the console locks keyed the same will eliminate the time taken to fumble through numerous keys. This reduces the amount of time shredders spend in the office and the operational costs to have them there. As the value of the service remains the same and the costs are changed a greater profit can be earned.

Containers should be simple to collect. Several obstructions can get in the way of getting the materials into the shredding machine. The more time spent on correcting the obstructions the greater the cost of the operation. A container should account for these obstructions and make the collection process simple. For example, tight nylon bags should be secured to the container. This will ensure that no paper misses the bag. The nylon material will also make sure that the bag does not break from the weight of the paper. This will remove the time wasted on collecting misplaced paper from the bottom of the console and maximize the investment spent.

Shredding equipment should always have safety at the forefront of its design. There are several hazards involved with getting into the shredding industry the collection console selected should not be one of them. Containers which feature 180 degree nylon hinges can reduce some of the hazards associated with shredding. Nylon hinges eliminate the cuts or scrapes which can be caused by metal hinges. The safer the collection process can be performed the happier the service providers and the faster the job can be completed.