Save Paper Scraps For Future Paper Crafts

Whatever paper scraps you have at home or in the office, find time to save them for future use. They could be excess from gift wrapping, scrap booking, card making and just about any paper craft activities you did in the past. Of course, be neat and orderly when you store these materials so that you preserve their quality and do not create an ugly pile of them in your attic or drawer.

There are different kinds of paper for different kinds of crafts. There is mulberry paper, washi, vellum, ricepaper, parchment and may others. For most paper crafters out there, the most common thing they do is head out to the store and then buy paper products for their crafts. Well, that is commendable, of course. Craft stores are filled with a multitude of supplies and products that are used for a multitude of arts and crafts. But know that many of these items do not come cheap. But do not despair because you have an alternative to buying paper supplies.

Without buying, your home will be filled with lots of paper supplies and products. You are most likely to receive newspapers everyday, bills every month, and magazines every quarter. Perhaps you’ve been too quick to throw them away, but really, these paper products are useful for a variety of paper crafts. You can create a paper wig from those shredded paper, you can create a stamp collage from the used bill envelopes and old greeting cards, you can cutout lovely landscapes and images from old postcards, etc. Even loose leaves from your kid’s notebooks will find their s use into your future paper craft projects if you really think about it.

Outside your home, you will find lots of paper products, as well. Have you seen those posters of products and events being peeled down? Try approaching those guys and see if you can ask a couple of those posters. Ever noticed those uniformed guys giving away handouts and pamphlets at the railway or at the doorsteps of a department store? How about those brochures that real estate agents and sales people give you? Accept those papers and see if they contain valuable information for you, better yet, think about what paper craft you can do with them once you get home. More often than not, you will encounter great quality paper from these freebies and giveaways.