The Importance of Paper Shredding for Small Businesses

As the owner of a small business – as an example, let’s say fewer than ten employees – you may not think you require all the security trappings needed by a larger corporation. However, if you value the privacy of your employees and clients/customers, you must stay aware of what happens to your data. This includes expired paperwork, hard drives, flash drives, CD-ROMs, and other types of data storage. It’s important to make sure your business is never compromised.

When it is time to destroy unneeded data, you will consider your options. You can invest in a document shredder and shred paper as you go along – removing invalid invoices and statements so numbers are not taken for dubious purposes. You might find, however, your business is better off outsourcing the removal of surplus data to a professional shredding company that specializes in small businesses. Hiring out gives you the opportunity to have paperwork and computer storage destroyed so nobody will attempt to gain access to sensitive information on a disk or hard drive.

Why is it recommended to outsource shredding services? Even small businesses are capable of generating a significant amount of paperwork, and when stored too long you risk cluttering your office space and losing important information. Establishing a schedule of a monthly shred and document destruction, either once a month or once quarterly depending on output and space, is a great way to keep your office clean and productivity high. When you take on the responsibility of shredding yourself, however, you run the risk of moving off schedule. Shredding day comes along, and you put it off for a priority assignment. Next thing you know, the work piles up.

Hiring a shredding company, however, sets a fixed schedule that you will meet. A reputable shredder will arrive in a special truck with state of the art equipment and take your materials to destroy on site. You want to hire a company where employees are bonded and you are guaranteed that your information is destroyed beyond recognition.

As you relieve your office of invalid documents and data, you bring peace of mind to your company. Employees can work without worry of paperwork cluttering their space, and customers feel safe knowing their personal information is protected. You stand to improve workflow and profits.

If you are a small business owner looking for economical and effective ways to keep your information secure, consult with a professional shredder for an estimate on their regular services.